CEDS- Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

The following are the results of community planning sessions held June 8th and 15th at Price WIlliam Sound Community College, Glennallen campus. Representatives from Native Village Councils, Community Corporations and organizations, individual business owners as well as individual residents of the Copper Valley came together to build a strategic plan for development of the Copper Valley.






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The Regional Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Plan (CEDS) is complete. Thank you to the many who actively participated in the creation and revision of this document. Implementation of the measures developed through community involvement are already under way. CVDA will post developments periodically on these pages.


Jason Hoke

Executive Director, CVDA


The Copper Valley is a vibrant, self sustaining community; an appealing place for residents and visitors to live, work and play.
1.       UTILITIES- All residents will have access to energy that is affordable and reliable. All communities in the Copper Valley will have access to potable water within their community.
a.       Provide reliable, clean safe water that is more accessible to remote areas
b.      Lower cost of energy
c.       Increase communications capabilities
d.      Create a back up system for our power source
2.       EDUCATION -To Create a qualified workforce by offering quality education and vocational training opportunities to residents of the Copper Valley
a.       Teach students skills that will prepare them vocationally and academically for future employment
b.      Provide afterschool programs 
c.       Increase distance education options
d.      Provide lifelong learning activities
3.       RESOURCE USE AND CONSERVATION-Resources will be used in a responsible and sustainable way within the Copper Valley
a.       Work with land managing agencies to open access to public lands for use of renewable natural resources
b.      Government and industry will work together on projects to utilize and conserve resources
4.        EMERGENCY RESPONSE- Residents and industry in the Copper Valley will be better equipped and trained to respond in emergency situations
a.       Improve communication and coordination with legislature and state government.
b.       Consolidated training provided locally
5.       TRANSPORTATION -The Copper Valley will have coordinated safe, reliable, affordable, well maintained and accessible ground and air transportation.
a.       Create additional bike paths in the Copper Valley
b.      Make the McCarthy Road a priority in the DOT budget.
c.        Address Gulkana airport certification concerns
d.      Protect and maintain a diverse system of trails.
e.      Improve and expand services of existing public transportation
6.       SMALL BUSINESS / AGRICULTURE DEVELOPMENT - The Copper Valley will support and advocate for businesses and agriculture from within and outside of the region so long as economic growth is balanced with our desire to protect the environment and our quality of life.
a.       Development of local Copper River based products and their sale in local, statewide and national markets.
b.       Development of Eco- Tourism
c.        Implementation of a regional tourism marketing campaign targeted throughout the state, nation and in international markets
d.      Develop sustainable local food supply and distribution
e.      Create assisted living facilities in a centralized location of the Copper Valley
7.       COMMUNITY CULTURE- The Copper Valley will demonstrate an appreciation and awareness of our richly diverse natural and cultural histories.
a.       Retain rural lifestyle with no large scale developments.
b.       Create opportunities for community gatherings
8.        HOUSING- The Copper Valley will have adequate and quality housing to meet its labor force and infrastructure needs.
a.       Increase rental properties available in the community
b.      Improve energy efficiency of existing housing 
c.       Remove or repair abandoned housing in the community
d.      Create assisted living facilities in a centralized location of the Copper Valley
9.       EMPLOYMENT - The Copper Valley will have quality employment opportunities for its residents.
a.       Increase locally developed enterprises that employ local people
b.      Bring/create quality employers in the Copper Valley
c.       Create employment opportunities year round for residents
d.      Improve/increase workforce skill set and ethics
10.   HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICES - Everyone in the Copper Valley will have access to health and social services needed to maintain a quality of daily living that is consistent with communities elsewhere.    
a.       Develop preventive medicine and traditional medicine venues for residents
b.      Raise healthy lifestyle choice awareness
c.       Create assisted living facilities in a centralized location of the Copper Valley


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