Energy Planning In The Copper Valley

In recent years the increasingly high cost of energy has been devastating to rural Alaska. In spite of being an energy producing state, rural Alaskans pay some of the highest prices in the nation. As energy costs rise so does the cost of transportation, goods, and services. Here in the Copper Valley some of our neighbors are pulling up stakes and leaving because they can no longer afford to live here. If the current trend continues others may do the same. 

The Alaska Energy Authority’s Rural Energy Programs is responsible for helping rural communities reduce high-energy costs. AEA has recently begun contracting with organizations around the state to complete an energy plan for each region. The plans will document the energy needs of each community and identify strategies for reducing energy costs such as conservation measures, upgrading energy systems, using renewable resources and related projects that reduce energy costs. Regions will then be asked to rank their energy projects.

Copper Valley Development Association was recently awarded a contract to conduct the regional energy planning for the Copper Valley. As you might imagine, this is a tall order given that we have so many communities and limited staff. We are currently developing a database to identify the information we need to collect and are reviewing numerous documents to record data that already exists so we don’t recreate the wheel, but we will need help from the communities to ensure we document your need and everyone has a voice in the process. In the coming months we will be sending out surveys and visiting communities to document your needs and gather your input. Our goal is develop a unified plan from the Copper Valley that has regional support. We can only do that with your help. If you have questions about the planning process, please call Jason Hoke at 822-5001.

Regional Energy Plan:

Click the File Link Below To Download The Regional Energy Plan For The Copper River Region.  Notice Phase 1, And Phase 2 are available.  Follow the appropriate links to view and download the file. 

Phase I:
Phase II:
Community Energy Profiles

Copper Valley Energy Projects:

Please contact: or with your feedback.

A full list of projects and other energy initiatives in the Copper River Region can be found by clicking HERE. This spreasheet is updated periodically to show the most current information available on each project listed.


Attachment Size
003 Supply Issues - Bovee of Ahtna Inc.pdf 736.08 KB
004 Legislation in Alaska - Foster.pdf 346.64 KB
005 Supply Issues - Hansen & Mullen of DNR.pdf 3.29 MB
006 Supply Issues - Siefert of BLM.pdf 2.75 MB
007 Combined Heat & Power - Crimp.pdf 3.05 MB
009 Residential Apps - Deerfield.pdf 977.32 KB
011 Alternative Energy - Nash.pdf 2.27 MB
012 Small Hydro Power - Alstrom.pdf 1.89 MB
014 Hydro Power in Susitna - Dyok.pdf 1.49 MB
015 CVEA Hydropower Update - Duhamel.pdf 4.01 MB
016 Hydro Power in Tok - Harvey.pdf 2.64 MB
017 Solar Energy - Garroutte.pdf 1.43 MB
019 Weatherization - Ord.pdf 2.35 MB
021 Alternative Fuels - Hirsch.pdf 1.4 MB
022 Coal Mining - Simon.pdf 2.75 MB
023 Natural Gas Pipeline - Heinze.pdf 1.52 MB
024 Recon & Feasibility - Stovall.pdf 488.52 KB
Pages from 018 Geothermal Energy - McCarthy1.pdf 3.11 MB
Pages from 018 Geothermal Energy - McCarthy-2.pdf 2.24 MB
Pages from 018 Geothermal Energy - McCarthy-3.pdf 2.96 MB
Pages from 008 Wood Fuel Types - Wall1.pdf 4.71 MB
Pages from 008 Wood Fuel Types - Wall-2.pdf 1.97 MB
Pages from 010 Harvesting, Regen & Habitat - Holt1.pdf 3.97 MB
Pages from 010 Harvesting, Regen & Habitat - Holt-2.pdf 4.26 MB
Pages from Pages from 010 Harvesting, Regen & Habitat - Holt-4.pdf 2.99 MB
Pages from Pages from 010 Harvesting, Regen & Habitat - Holt-3.pdf 3.06 MB
Pages from 013 Wind Systems - Stromberg1.pdf 4.39 MB
Pages from 013 Wind Systems - Stromberg-2.pdf 2.51 MB
Pages from Pages from 013 Wind Systems - Stromberg-3.pdf 2.93 MB


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The Energy Plan is available for review.
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